Saturday, March 7, 2009

IBM working for Smarter Planet

This coming March 13, 2009, IBM will be having its "IBM Technology Conference and Expo 2009" at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. The event will be from 8:30 - 5:30pm. Registration starts at 8:30am.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)

Recently, I have attended a seminar by Microsoft office at 6750 Makati City.
It was very interesting to know the latest technologies that would simplify the tasks that we thought were impossible to implement years ago.

MDOP would help IT a lot in the deployment, upgrading, supporting, terminating or decommissioning of desktop applications. Regression Testing which is usually a big pain for IT is now been simplified.

MDOP consists of 6 products bundled into 1 license. These are:
1. MS Application Virtualization (App-V) – dynamically streaming software as a centrally managed service. You can set policies in the system like license setting. You can also see or monitor from the report produced from the system how an application is used. Example: You have allotted John a license for MS Project. However, you have observed that John hasn’t used the application for few months now. With the system, you can give the usage of the SW to other employees.
2. MS Asset Inventory Service (AIS) – translating software inventory into business intelligence.
3. MS Diagnostic & Recovery Toolset (DART) – powerful tools to accelerate desktop repair; with “Crash Analyzer wizard”. “All-in-one” bootable CD. Identifies root causes of system and network issues and potentially resolve it in minutes – instead of hours!
4. MS Advanced Group Policy Management – Enhancing group policy thru change management.
5. System Center Desktop Error Monitoring – Proactively manage application and Operating system failures
6. MS Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) – Seamlessly manage virtual machines and its applications to OS compatibility issues.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Microsoft RoundTable Device

Just saw a demo on the use of Microsoft Roundtable Device. It is soooo cool!

During an Office Live Meeting, participants in the meeting will have the feeling of personally with each other if they both have the MS RoundTable Device. Their software provides the participants with a panoramic view of the room. The device is equipped with a 360-degree camera which makes it possible to "follow" who is the currently speaking and project the speaker's image on the screen of those you teleconference with. It will give you the "illusion" that a camera is following the speaker inside the room.

With this gadget, participants can record (and play later on) the audio, video of the complete meeting. They can also have screen shots of the meeting.

Ang galing! Just wish our we have that in the office.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be a Virtual Entrepreneur, as your Second Life!

Many people refer to second life as a game, however actually I think it's much more of a community. There is no way to win the game, it's just like life! To compete in second life you will rely on property and money, much the same as in our world! When you first start exploring the second life world you will see that everything in that world is made by people just like you!

Second life is very similar to real life, it's just all based on the computer! This means that you should already know what needs to be done, you just have to have a game plan so that you can succeed!

In Second Life they have a special currency which is known as the Linden, this works the same as any other currency. You can either buy linden dollars Online, or you can get a job and earn them yourself.

There are actually loads of different ways to make real money using second life, it is also possible to convert linden dollars back into real dollars that you can spend.
If you're a good designer then you might find it profitable to design some clothes for people to wear, otherwise you can open a nightclub and charge people to enter. Another way to earn money would be to work somewhere and get paid similar to how you would in the real world.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Neopets, your kids love them!

If you haven’t heard about Neopets , then I have to seriously wonder what planet you come from. is one of the most popular sites on the whole Internet, and what does this mean to you and me? It’s a kid’s site.

Our next generation is finding a home in virtual reality, and they love it. Neopets has over 70 million members from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo, and has had a total of over 300 billion website page views. According to Wired magazine’s Dec. 2005 edition, Neopets is the second most ‘sticky’ website on the whole of our planet’s World Wide Web. Average users are on the site around 6 hours a month…with so many members the mind boggles as to how much time our future generations are spending time with their virtual pets. What is a virtual pet anyway? Why does every kid on the Earth want one? What do you do with them once they’re in your custody?

Things have changed. Virtual reality has hit the main stage like it has today; computers were used for finding out stuff at school. No one knew what the Internet was years ago. Now all the kids are playing games and participating in other activities online in order to gain more points which enhance their pet’s skills and talents. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? It’s not weird to the little humans of the future.

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